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Science and music are my two great loves. The intricate subtlety of nature and of Bach's counterpoint are two of a kind to me.

Cheese Quest: Part II (raiders of the lost cheese)

From where I stand (or sit) here in the cheese desert that is Florida, it seems as if the Swiss cheese I long for is locked up as tightly as the Ark of the Covenant in Ethiopia. And like those … Continue reading

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Cheese Quest! (The search for strong Swiss Cheese: Part I)

For about six months now (perseverance being the dark side of patience) I’ve been looking for some mouth-wateringly sharp Swiss Cheese.  None of that “mild, nutty taste” for me.  I like Swiss Cheese that has some burn to it; that … Continue reading

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“Cornan The Iowan” comes to WordPress

I usually keep my lives separate, and so in the last few years I’ve kept my “personal” (eccentric and/or inflammatory) presence over at Windows Live Spaces (soon to be no more), while my more conventional self remained at Facebook and … Continue reading

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Who is We, anyway?

Today I’m going outside my usual personal blogging bounds to comment on politics.  I’m also going to break my own rule about participating in the specious “left versus right” struggle here, if only for a moment.  You see, my mind … Continue reading

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Is there a Dr (Pepper) in the house?

Inch by inch, step by step, I’ve become a food eccentric.  As items I like or need disappear from store shelves, I don’t adapt. I order! A case in point is Caffeine Free Diet Dr Pepper, a product that must … Continue reading

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Yummy maple and pear yogurt and Cliff, the not-so-evil buyer

It’s true.  I know a buyer who’s not-so-evil.  Actually, he’s very nice and very helpful and works at one of the Southeast Florida Whole Foods Market stores and his name is Cliff.  He special orders cases of the flavors that … Continue reading

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Buying a better wet / dry vac

Do you need the cheapest possible wet / dry vac?  If so, I’m sorry to say that this blog isn’t going to be of much help, unless you need to know that the big box stores and Sears are simply … Continue reading

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