I’m that kind of person who doesn’t follow the crowd.  Really.  Not that I wouldn’t like to once in a while, it just doesn’t seem to be in my genes.

It’s easy to see this in my use of personal computers.  I tend to find features or tools that I like and want to keep using them even when software vendors remove features or fashions change.

From there it’s a short step to my tendency to prefer improvement (growth, elaboration, increased sophistication) over replacement (fashion, change for the sake of change).

Taking an “a la carte” approach to life can result in odd juxtapositions.  My love of pipe organ music is not connected with any religious practices or beliefs.  Who attends pipe organ recitals, anyway?  Why, other organists, of course (I’m not one of those, either).

It also means that I lack the single-mindedness that gives “true” eccentrics such clarity.

Thus the sobriquet “aspiring eccentric”.  Time will tell.


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