Cheese Quest: Part II (raiders of the lost cheese)

From where I stand (or sit) here in the cheese desert that is Florida, it seems as if the Swiss cheese I long for is locked up as tightly as the Ark of the Covenant in Ethiopia.

And like those in search of the lost ark, I feel the excitement of each clue along the trail (translation: like the eccentric ark hunters, I get validation from everything I find).

The sharpest cheese yet is once again from Middlefield Cheese, but you have to ask for it.

Middlefield Cheese holds back some of its Sharp Swiss Cheese to continue aging.  Or they just keep what they don’t sell.  I dunno.

Anyway, if you call them at 800-327-9477 (800-32-swiss), and ask for the extra sharp Swiss cheese, they’ll be happy to send you some.  They’ll also warn you that the cheese might have a little mold on it due to its age (mine didn’t).

If you have trouble finding the “extra sharp cheese lady” get in touch and I’ll pass along the contact name I have.

The only downside – it might require some special shipping during the warm weather months.  Small price to pay for the extra sharpness.  But…

Is it enough?  Does it sting in the back of my mouth?  Not yet.  The Quest continues!


About Cornan The Iowan

Science and music are my two great loves. The intricate subtlety of nature and of Bach's counterpoint are two of a kind to me.
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One Response to Cheese Quest: Part II (raiders of the lost cheese)

  1. Adrian DeBee says:

    Worst aged sharp swiss comes from Guggisberg Cheese in Millersburg, Ohio. Blind, bland and rubbery. Used to get my aged Swiss from Marlboro Cheese (defunct) in Marlboro, OH. Strong and stayed on the tongue for hours. How I miss it.

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