“Cornan The Iowan” comes to WordPress

I usually keep my lives separate, and so in the last few years I’ve kept my “personal” (eccentric and/or inflammatory) presence over at Windows Live Spaces (soon to be no more), while my more conventional self remained at Facebook and in comments scattered about in various forums.

Usually.  In fact, you’ll find “Cornan The Iowan” in both information technology destinations as well as personal ones, as well as my given name in whole or in part.

At WordPress, I’ll keep “Cornan The Iowan” for my more unique and personal observations.  If I want to make computer / technical posts I’ll start a “real” blog.


About Cornan The Iowan

Science and music are my two great loves. The intricate subtlety of nature and of Bach's counterpoint are two of a kind to me.
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