Is there a Dr (Pepper) in the house?

Inch by inch, step by step, I’ve become a food eccentric.  As items I like or need disappear from store shelves, I don’t adapt.

I order!

A case in point is Caffeine Free Diet Dr Pepper, a product that must certainly rank high in the annals of awkward product names.

CFDDP used to be available in Southeast Florida, but sometime in 2009 it disappeared from local stores.  I think this all came about when the folks at Dr Pepper added some new flavor, pushing this one off the shelves.  I can only hope that once these interlopers join the other buggy whips in the dustbin of history, CFDDP will creep back onto the shelves.

Publix!  Winn-Dixie!  Bravo!  Are you listening?  Why let me send my money to UPS when you could be selling me more soda?

Of course this only adds to my increasingly eccentric behavior on the subject of find low sodium or caffeine free food and drink.

So, in spite of my fondness for other beverages, I found I just could not quite let go of the taste of Dr Pepper, so now I order it from the Internet.  I  found CFDDP once at eBay, but more recently have ordered from, where I also buy other products.  For products that don’t require refrigeration, this seems to be a good food site.


About Cornan The Iowan

Science and music are my two great loves. The intricate subtlety of nature and of Bach's counterpoint are two of a kind to me.
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