Yummy maple and pear yogurt and Cliff, the not-so-evil buyer

It’s true.  I know a buyer who’s not-so-evil.  Actually, he’s very nice and very helpful and works at one of the Southeast Florida Whole Foods Market stores and his name is Cliff.  He special orders cases of the flavors that are no longer stocked at our local stores.  You see, at some point a buyer did decide to stop stocking these yummy Wallaby Yogurt flavors; thus this blog entry.

Whole Foods Market carries a number of the Wallaby Yogurt flavors, and several of them are quite nummy, but these two flavors are something special.

At first the
Low-fat Maple yogurt was quite a surprise, yet after the first spoonful you think "of course", and you’re hooked.

In point of fact, it isn’t all that hard to make your own maple yogurt by just adding maple syrup to plain yogurt, but then you won’t be getting the Wallaby "Creamy Australian Style" yogurt that Wallaby makes.  I like it.

Bartlett pears are one of those things my mother gave me as a child to help my tummy feel better (the other was Peppermint Schnapps and 7 Up, oh-so-politically incorrect or worse these days).  In fact I still gravitate to Barlett Pears when I’m not feeling 100% and no, not to the Schnapps.

The Wallaby
Non-fat Bartlett Pear yogurt has just enough pear taste, nothing overwhelming or syrupy – like the maple yogurt, it’s "just right".  (In contrast, when I eat pears for my tummy I go for the "heavy" syrup.) 

Let’s get down to the flogging.  Your first step is to find Wallaby Yogurt.  I’ve seen Wallaby flavors at other stores, mostly "organic" or "health food"-oriented companies here in Florida. 

Once you’ve found Wallaby Yogurt, try some of the other flavors; several are quite good.  I haven’t tried the "Down Under" flavors yet, I guess because "that’s been done", along with the deserty flavors that my long-time-favorite Yoplait has been getting into lately (while my favorite Lemon and Tropical Peach flavors have vanished from the shelves).

Now that you like Wallaby Yogurt, get them to special order some maple or Bartlett pear.  I don’t think you’ll have any trouble consuming a case; share it with friends if you have to.

And of course, the more people that buy it, the more likely it will be around tomorrow – for me 😉


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Science and music are my two great loves. The intricate subtlety of nature and of Bach's counterpoint are two of a kind to me.
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